Could Your Workout Be Affecting Your Fertility?

Could Your Workout Be Affecting Your Fertility?There’s nothing wrong with working up a good sweat, eating healthy foods and taking care of your body.  But sometimes too much of a good thing can lead to fertility issues.

If you’re a recreational athlete who has whittled her body fat down too far, you may be compromising your ability to conceive naturally.  Typically when a woman’s body fat percentage dips below approximately 18% (some sources go a little lower), periods typically cease or become highly irregular due to dropping estrogen levels.  And that, in turn, leads to fertility problems.

Though this doesn’t mean that you have to drastically change your exercise regimen, it may mean that you have to be more conscious of the types of foods you’re eating, especially if your body fat percentage is very low.  Even adding 100 calories per day and cutting back your intense exercise by an hour or more a week could make a significant difference over time.*

* As always, it’s important to check with your family physician and/or reproductive science specialist before altering your routine.


Don’t Let Fear Stop You from Addressing Your Fertility Concerns

 It’s kind of ironic — plenty of couples struggling with fertility issues hesitate to get any help with their fertility concerns.

Their fears come in a number of different varieties.  Below are four of the most common reasons for not contacting a reproductive health specialist:

Knowing means having to address.  For some people, the reality of knowing what’s wrong will mean they’ll have to address those facts… and that can be tough for certain personality types.

A worry about cost.  The media has made it seem as if all fertility treatments are expensive; however, this isn’t the case.  There are many avenues to conception that are extremely economical.  It all depends on your particular situation.

Fear of retribution from a partner.  Women and men who are struggling with infertility may have a fear that a partner will be accusatory of it’s discovered that they are the “source” of the problem.  While this is not always a founded fear, if you are in a relationship where you are too scared of your partner to uncover the truth, you would be wise to undergo a serious amount of couples counseling to work on your partnership before embarking on a journey to have children.

Confusion about how to start.  Luckily, this is an easy solution — simply pick up the phone and contact a reputable clinic like RSI.  It’s really that straightforward.

Don’t allow the unknown to keep you from addressing your fertility concerns.  Remember that it’s always better to have all the facts than to languish in the dark.